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SubjectRe: Compile error in drivers/ide/osb4.c in 240-t10p6
Rasmus Andersen wrote:
> Thanks for the pointer. However my test build still barfs in the final
> link phase because we (in t10p6) morphed drivers/pcmcia/cs.c::pcmcia_
> request_irq into (the static) cs_request_irq. The rename part
> broke the two other places in cs.c where pcmcia_request_irq was
> referenced and the static part made its usage in drivers/net/pcmcia/
> ray_cs.c a bit awkward.
> Since I won't presume to question the decision to rename the function
> the following patch propagates the rename to the rest of the kernel.
> Furthermore, I presumed to remove the static part so that the ray_cs
> driver was free to use it. I have added David Hinds and Corey Thomas
> (the raylink driver maintainer) to the cc on this mail so they can
> decide what the proper solution is.

This is what went to Linus, and David Hinds ack'd it.


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