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SubjectRe: [PROPOSED PATCH] ATM refcount + firestream
Brian Gerst wrote:
> > > + struct module *owner;
> > > + struct module *owner;
> > > bix:/home/morton>
> >
> > We use it throught the fops_get/fops_put macros to in/decrease the mod
> > counter. See the definitions for those macros (include/linux/fs.h)
> >
> > Patrick
> This will break horribly if fops_put/get are changed to inlines instead
> of macros. They are only supposed to be used on struct file_operations.


Anyway, we'll get nice warnings about wrong type of argument when that

I was the one who found the fops_get/put code useful as a guideline
and also in fact as the code to call.

So the question is: What is the defined interface for fops_get/put: Is
it "it's a macro that... " or is it "it's a function (possibly a macro
for efficiency) that.... "?


P.S. Apologies for Patrick's bad quoting habits: He had to catch a
train and forgot to delete the rest of the quoted mail.

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