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Thanks to everybody who has been testing.

pre6 has tons of small fixes, the most noticeable of which are

(a) the new compiler requirements (sorry, but it turned out that
really is too subtly broken with named structure initializers that
are very heavily used these days inside the kernel)

Suggested stable compiler: gcc-2.91.66, aka egcs-1.1.2, which is the
one most vendors have been shipping for a long time, and while sure
to be buggy too has not been found to be seriously so at least yet.

Other modern gcc versions may well work too.

(b) various PCI fixes that used to make 2.4.0 completely unboot/usable on
certain machines (ALI chipsets with certain PIRQ routing tables and
laptops with some docking bridges. Oh, and PIIX4 chipsets with USB
enabled and certain other magic things going on).

Let's hope that there aren't too many more of these. The ALI one in
particular was "interesting" to chase down. More interesting than I
personally need in my old age.

The rest of the changes should be mostly unnoticeable.

Still known: the same old "page->mapping = NULL" thing that has not seen
an acceptable fix yet. If it wasn't for that, I'd have called this test10
already and be done with it. Super-Al to the rescue (and no, that was not
a reference to the current sad state of US politics).



- pre6:
- Jeremy Fitzhardinge: autofs4 expiry fix
- David Miller: sparc driver updates, networking updates
- Mathieu Chouquet-Stringer: buffer overflow in sg_proc_dressz_write
- Ingo Molnar: wakeup race fix (admittedly the window was basically
non-existent, but still..)
- Rasmus Andersen: notice that "this_slice" is no longer used for
scheduling - delete the code that calculates it.
- ALI pirq routing update. It's even uglier than we initially thought..
- Dimitrios Michailidis: fix ipip locking bugs
- Various: face it - gcc- miscompiles structure initializers.
- Paul Cassella: locking comments on dev_base
- Trond Myklebust: NFS locking atomicity. refresh inode properly.
- Andre Hedrick: Serverworks Chipset driver, IDE-tape fix
- Paul Gortmaker: kill unused code from 8390 support.
- Andrea Arcangeli: fix nfsv3d wrong truncates over 4G
- Maciej W. Rozycki: PIIX4 needs the same USB quirk handling as PIIX3.
- me: if we cannot figure out the PCI bridge windows, just "inherit"
the window from the parent. Better than not booting.
- Ching-Ling Lee: ALI 5451 Audio core support update

- pre5:
- Mikael Pettersson: more Pentium IV cleanup.
- David Miller: non-x86 platforms missed "pte_same()".
- Russell King: NFS invalidate_inode_pages() can do bad things!
- Randy Dunlap: usb-core.c is gone - module fix
- Ben LaHaise: swapcache fixups for the new atomic pte update code
- Oleg Drokin: fix nm256_audio memory region confusion
- Randy Dunlap: USB printer fixes
- David Miller: sparc updates
- David Miller: off-by-one error in /proc socket dumper
- David Miller: restore non-local bind() behaviour.
- David Miller: wakeups on socket shutdown()
- Jeff Garzik: DEPCA net drvr fixes and CodingStyle
- Jeff Garzik: netsemi net drvr fix
- Jeff Garzik & Andrea Arkangeli: keyboard cleanup
- Jeff Garzik: VIA audio update
- Andrea Arkangeli: mxcsr initialization cleanup and fix
- Gabriel Paubert: better twd_i387_to_fxsr() emulation
- Andries Brouwer: proper error return in ext2 mkdir()

- pre4:
- disable writing to /proc/xxx/mem. Sure, it works now, but it's still
a security risk.
- IDE driver update (Victroy66 SouthBridge support)
- i810 rng driver cleanup
- fix sbus Makefile
- named initializers in module..
- ppoe: remove explicit initializer - it's done with initcalls.
- x86 WP bit detection: do it cleanly with exception handling
- Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo: memory leaks in drivers/media/video
- Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz: video init functions get __init
- David Miller: get rid of net/protocols.c - they get to initialize themselves
- David Miller: get rid of dev_mc_lock - we hold dev->xmit_lock anyway.
- Geert Uytterhoeven: Zorro (Amiga) bus support update
- David Miller: work around gcc-2.7.2 bug
- Geert Uytterhoeven: mark struct consw's "const".
- Jeff Garzik: network driver cleanups, ns558 joystick driver oops fix
- Tigran Aivazian: clean up __alloc_pages(), kill_super() and
- Tigran Aivazian: move stuff from .data to .bss
- Jeff Garzik: divert.h typename cleanups
- James Simmons: mdacon using spinlocks
- Tigran Aivazian: fix BFS free block calculation
- David Miller: sparc32 works again
- Bernd Schmidt: fix undefined C code (set/use without a sequence point)
- Mikael Pettersson: nicer Pentium IV setup handling.
- Georg Acher: usb-uhci cpia oops fix
- Kanoj Sarcar: more node_data cleanups for [non]NUMA.
- Richard Henderson: alpha update to new vmalloc setup
- Ben LaHaise: atomic pte updates (don't lose dirty bit)
- David Brownell: ohci memory debugging (== use separate slabs for allocation)

- pre3:
- update email address of Joerg Reuter
- Andries Brouwer: spelling fixes, missing atari brelse(), breada() fix
- Geert Uytterhoeven: used named initializers for "struct console".
- Carsten Paeth: ISDN capifs - iput() only once.
- Petr Vandrovec: VFAT short name generation fix
- Jeff Garzik: i810_rng cleanup, and i815 chipset added.
- Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz: clean up some remaining old-style Makefiles
- Dave Jones: x86 setup fixes (recognize Pentium IV etc).
- x86: do the "fast A20" setup too in setup.S
- NIIBE Yutaka: update SuperH for the global page table (vmalloc) change.
- David Miller: sparc updates (vmalloc stuff still pending)
- David Miller: CodaFS warnings and 64-bit warnings in pci_size()
- David Miller: pcnet32 - correct NULL test
- David Miller: vmlist lock -> page_table_lock clarification
- Trond Myklebust: Ouch. rpcauth_lookup_credcache() memory corruption bug
- Matthew Wilcox: file locking cleanups
- David Woodhouse: USB audio spinlock fixes
- Torben Mathiasen: tlan driver cleanups
- Randy Dunlap: Yenta: CACHE_LINE_SIZE is in dwords, not bytes.
- Randy Dunlap: more USB updates
- Kanoj Sarcar: clean up the NUMA interfaces (pg_data instead of nodes)
- "save_fpu()" was broken. Need to clear pending errors: save_init_fpu().

- pre2:
- remember to change the kernel version ;)
- isapnp.txt bugfix
- ia64 update
- sparc update
- networking update (pppoe init, frame diverter, fix tcp_sendmsg,
fix udp_recvmsg).
- Compile for WinChip must _not_ use "-march=i686". It's a i586.
- Randy Dunlap: more USB updates
- clarify the Firewire AIC-5800 situation. It's not supported yet.
- PCI-space decode size fix. This is needed for some (broken?) hardware
- /proc/self/maps off-by-one error
- 3c501, 3c507, cs89x0 network drivers drop unnecessary check_region
- Asahi Kasei AK4540: new codec ID. Yamaha: new PCI ID's.
- ne2k-pci net driver documentation update
- Paul Gortmaker: delete paranoia check in rtc_exit
- scsi_merge: memset the right amount of memory.
- sun3fb: old __initfunc() not supported any more.
- synclink: remove unnecessary task state games
- xd.c: proper casting for 64-bit architectures
- vmalloc: page table update race condition.

- pre1:
- Roger Larsson: ">=" instead of ">" to make the VM not get stuck.
- Gideon Glass: brw_kiovec() failure case oops fix
- Rik van Riel: better memory balancing and OOM killer
- Ivan Kokshaysky: alpha compile fixes
- Vojtech Pavlik: forgotten ENOUGH macro in via82cxxx ide driver
- Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo: acpi resource leak fix
- Brian Gerst: use mov's instead of xchg in kernel trap entry
- Torben Mathiasen: tlan timer being added twice bug
- Andrzej Krzysztofowicz: config file fixes
- Jean Tourrilhes: Wavelan lockup on SMP fix
- Roman Zippel: initdata must be initialized (even if it is to zero:
gcc is strange)
- Jean Tourrilhes: hp100 driver lockup at startup on SMP
- Russell King: fix silly minixfs uninitialized error bug
- (various): fix uid hashing to use "uid_t" instead of "unsigned short"
- Jaroslav Kysela: isapnp timeout fix. NULL ptr dereference fix.
- Alain Knaff: fdformat should work again.
- Randy Dunlap: USB - fix bluetooth, acm, printer, serial to work
with urb->dev changes.
- Randy Dunlap: USB whiteheat serial driver firmware update.
- Randy Dunlap: USB hub memory corruption and pegasus driver update
- Andre Hedrick: IDE Makefile cleanup

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