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SubjectRe: New VM problem
On Fri, Oct 27, 2000 at 07:03:29AM -0400, James Lewis Nance wrote:

> I left a single large job running when I left yesterday afternoon
> (size=1651M, RSS=1.5G). When I got in this morning I wanted to see if
> it was still running so I typed "top" in an Xterm. When I hit return I
> thought the machine had crashed. I could not move the cursor with the
> mouse, or cause any other activity.

I got a little more info. Even though the machine has 2G of ram and this
process'es RSS is only 1.5G, the rest of the memory is being used somewhere.
Top reports only about 1M as "free" memory. It also looks like kswapd is
running with a high CPU usage when this is going on. Its a little hard to
be sure since top freezes, but when it comes back to life kswapd shows up
near the top of the process list.


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