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I have a problem with mkraid

I am working on a Red hat Linux ver 7.0
kernel version: 2.2.16
No raid patch
no raid tools

when I run
#mkraid /dev/md0

when I check /proc/mdstat,I find md0 active
with raid information.

But when again I run
#mkraid /dev/md0
I get an message:
handling MD device /dev/md0
analyzing super-block
disk 0:/dev/hde1,2109681kB,raid superblock at
/dev/hde1 appears to be already part of a raid
array-- use -f to force desctruction of the old
mkraid: aborted,see the syslog and /proc/mdstat for
potential clues.

I tried -f option, but no use.

I did a reboot and once again mkraid, but still
I get the above messages.
Please let me know where am I wrong , How can I
do mkraid succesfully again?

Expecting reply from you

with regards,

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