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SubjectRe: Big file support in Linux 2.2

> Hello,
> For one of our projects here, we've crashed head first into the 2 gig file size
> limitation in Linux 2.2 kernels. While I know that this has been solved in
> 2.3/2.4, has there been any work to backport this feature into a Linux 2.2
> kernel? I'm looking for a temporary solution until we can move to Linux 2.4
> directly, but obviously not until after it's been "really" released. :)
> Yes, I know this is likely to be relatively unstable. (Probably almost as
> unstable as running a 2.4-pre kernel in production), but at least it would give
> us a start.

Seek for LFS on Freshmeat. Requires a kernel patch, and a glibc
recompile. I'm still having some problems with it, mainly cp -ar giving
some wonderful weard strace results.

> Thanks for your help,
> Joe


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