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SubjectRe: Quota mods needed for journaled quota

On Thu, Oct 26, 2000 at 12:53:00PM -0400, Nathan Scott wrote:

> > The addition of an "init_quota" method to the super_operations struct,
> > with quota_on calling this and defaulting to installing the default
> > quota_ops if the method is NULL, ought to be sufficient to let ext3
> > get quotas right in all cases as far as I can see.
> It might also/alternatively be generally useful to allow a
> filesystem-specific implementation of quotactl itself - through
> an additional member in the dquot_operations set of functions?

I'm not sure how useful that addition would be --- for quota_on and
quota_off, at least, the setting up of the dquot structures around the
superblock or their destruction after quota_off can probably stay as
common code, with calls into the filesystem for init_quota (and
perhaps destroy_quota?) at the appropriate places.

> This would allow ext3 to do that which it needs to do differently
> at Q_QUOTAON and would also allow Jan's changes to work in such
> a way that both the current form of dquot structure and his new
> version of dquots could be used together

Adding the init_quota hook would do that, as the filesystem will be
able to install its own dq_ops methods during the init so we get the
flexibility you are asking for anyway.

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