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SubjectRe: syslog() blocks on glibc 2.1.3 with kernel 2.2.x
On Thu, 26 Oct 2000, Igmar Palsenberg wrote:
>> Per chance are you running the name service caching daemon (nscd)? I'd
>> also guess you aren't disabling fsync() for your sysylog files (it's part
>> of the syslog.conf format) -- this is a conciderable drain on syslogd.
>Agree. It is there for a reason : I case the system hangs, you at least
>get the last messages. But it is indeed a major drain. I've send Patrick a
>small path that makes reverse lookups a config option.

Sadly, you WILL still lose entries if the system crashes before fs metadata
has been flushed to disk. Unless the inode has the correct size stored, the
crap fsync()ed to disk doesn't make much difference.

(This is amplified by dcache.)


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