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SubjectRe: kqueue microbenchmark results
* Alan Cox <> [001026 18:33] wrote:
> > the application of a close event. What can I say, "the fd formerly known
> > as X" is now gone? It would be incorrect to say that "fd X was closed",
> > since X no longer refers to anything, and the application may have reused
> > that fd for another file.
> Which is precisely why you need to know where in the chain of events this
> happened. Otherwise if I see
> 'read on fd 5'
> 'read on fd 5'
> How do I know which read is for which fd in the multithreaded case

No you don't, you don't see anything with the current code unless
fd 5 is still around, what you're presenting to Jonathan is a
application threading problem, not something that need to be
resolved by the OS.

> > As for the multi-thread case, this would be a bug; if one thread closes
> > the descriptor, the other thread is going to get an EBADF when it goes
> > to perform the read.
> Another thread may already have reused the fd

This is another example of an application threading problem.

-Alfred Perlstein - [|]
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