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SubjectRe: QLOGIC Fibre Channel init
Byeong-ryeol Kim wrote:
> On Thu, 26 Oct 2000, Klaus Naumann wrote:
> > I was having some little trouble with the QLOGIC Fibre Channel SCSI
> > cards.
> > The issue is, that I have a box with an internal SCSI controller/disk
> > and a QLOGIC card which is connected to an external RAID. The probelm
> > is, that the internal disk is my root disk but is the second in the
> > chain (sdb) after bootup. This gives a lot of problems, because it's
> > impossible to get the system to boot (LILO isn't working).
> > Since I've modified the hosts.c it's working perfectly (at least the
> > order is better now). Patch is attached.
> > Can anyone give a comment on that please ?
> ....
> Hello,
> Your patch would be good, but there is another simple method.
> Did you happen to make the BIOS of Qlogic FC adapter enable to
> boot the machine?
> If so, while POST, timely hit 'Ctrl + Q', and disable boot
> ability in BIOS setting of it.

No, I have the bios of the controller disabled.
The problem with that is that on boot up (for lilo) the internal disk
is disk number one. But when I'm in the system and want to install lilo
it's disk number two - that's what lilo is complaining about on boot up.
(By spewing out an L and a 01 01 01 01 and so on).
Activating the bios of the QLOGIC (to make the internal disk appear
to be the 2nd one on bootup) didn't solve the problem too - I simply
got a message saying I should insert a system disk ;)

CU, Klaus

Klaus Naumann (
Phone: ++49/8761727852
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