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Subjectkernel build and symbol version problem with RedHat Linux 7
Hi All,

I built the kernel on RedHat Linux 7 after configuring
the build (make menuconfig) for SMP kernel.
After installing the kernel (copy bzImage to /boot directory
and run lilo) I rebooted the system to run the new kernel.
Then I looked at the /proc/ksyms file to see if the
symbol names are proper or not and they were not.
For example, the symbol name for

scsi_register --> scsi_register_R__ver_scsi_register
instead of scsi_register_Rsmp<some number>

Similarly for

pci_read_config_dword ---> pci_read_config_dword_R_ver_str(2ca7e89f)
instead of pci_read_config_dword_Rsmp<some number).

In the second case, the macro _ver_str does not seem to be getting expanded.
Probably the definition of _ver_str is missing or is under some ifdef
which is missing.

I think somthing is changed in the build process in the RedHat Linux 7
, but I don't know what. I think __module__smp or something like
that is missing from CFLAGS. or probably that define is missing from
some header file.

I am sure somebody must have faced this problem with RedHat 7. If you know
the solution, please let me know.

THanks and regards,

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