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SubjectRe: syslog() blocks on glibc 2.1.3 with kernel 2.2.x

> No, I didn't say they "should" be dropped but merely that dropping them
> would fix your problem. Personally, I'd look closely at your setup to
> determine exactly why this has become a problem. named is being blocked
> on writing to /dev/log. This should only happen if there is sufficient
> _local_ syslog traffic to fill the buffer or syslogd has too much remote
> traffic to ever read from /dev/log.
> Per chance are you running the name service caching daemon (nscd)? I'd
> also guess you aren't disabling fsync() for your sysylog files (it's part
> of the syslog.conf format) -- this is a conciderable drain on syslogd.

Agree. It is there for a reason : I case the system hangs, you at least
get the last messages. But it is indeed a major drain. I've send Patrick a
small path that makes reverse lookups a config option.

Please note that syslog does NOT resolve things it get's from the local
machine, it uses gethostname() for that name.

> --Ricky


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