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SubjectLVM snapshotting broken?
Hi Heinz,

it looks like the LVM snapshotting in 2.4 doesn't allow you
to create snapshots from anything else than the _first_ LV
in the VG...

I have run both the following command lines (after lvremoving
snap1, of course) and both of them give as a result that the
LV /dev/test_vg/swap ends up being the snapshotted filesystem ;(

# lvcreate -s -L100 -nsnap1 /dev/test_vg/test
# lvcreate -s -L100 -nsnap1 /dev/test_vg/swap

# cat /proc/lvm
LVM driver version 0.8final (15/02/2000)

<snip VG/PV info>

LVs: [AWDL ] swap 122880 /30 1x open
[AWDL ] test 204800 /50 1x open
[ARDL ] snap1 122880 /30 close

It looks like somewhere in either the utilities or the
kernel, the argument of which LV to snapshot gets mangled...
Oh, I'm using version 0.8final of the LVM utities.


"What you're running that piece of shit Gnome?!?!"
-- Miguel de Icaza, UKUUG 2000

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