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SubjectRe: this_slice in kernel/sched.c?
On Tue, 24 Oct 2000, Rasmus Andersen wrote:

> Reading through kernel/sched.c I came across this block (on line 597):
> {
> cycles_t t, this_slice;
> t = get_cycles();
> this_slice = t - sched_data->last_schedule;
> sched_data->last_schedule = t;
> }
> It seems to me that this_slice is somewhat unused in its scope and
> therefore I propose that the block is replaced by

> The fact that the scheduler probably have been examined many
> times by people far more knowledgeable that me makes the
> probability that this is wrong pretty big. In that case I would
> like to know what use this_slice has, if somebody would care to
> share.

this_slice was used in reschedule_idle(), to determine
whether it was worth it to interrupt the currently running
task or if it is better to wait a while until the currently
running task voluntarily reschedules.

The performance report by the Fujitsu guy (that was posted
here today) suggests that we really want to use the per-task
average time slice again to prevent cache thrashing...


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