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SubjectRe: Minimizing dropped UDP packets
"Brian F. G. Bidulock" wrote:
> Frank,
> Have you considered checking /proc/net/dev_stat (first entry)
> to see whether NET4 is dropping packets due to backlog
> maximums? If there is a non-zero entry there, you might try
> uping /proc/sys/net/core/netdev_max_backlog from the default
> 300 and see if your loss diminishes.
> On Tue, 24 Oct 2000, Frank Hansen wrote:
> > Any suggestions whatsoever would be greatly appreciated. FWIW NT 4.0
> > running on the same hardware performs this task flawless, and I will
> > have a diffucult time to convice my boss that we should use Linux as
> > long as it is outperformed by NT.
> --
> Brian F. G. Bidulock

Also you can try setsockopt with SO_RCVBUF, from man 7 socket:
Sets or gets the maximum socket receive buffer in
bytes. The default value is set by the rmem_default
sysctl and the maximum allowed value is set by the
rmem_max sysctl.

rmem_max defaults to 65535 perhaps you could try to increase this and
then use setsockopt in your receiving program.

Jorge Nerin
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