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SubjectRe: OOM and my .02 cents
On Mon, 23 Oct 2000, Joe wrote:

> 1) If it does not already do this it should probably start with
> warnings like printk statements. (I'll hope it does).

A user will only see printks if he sits at the console (=> desktop
machine) and there is no X running that has grabbed the graphics board (=>
not a desktop machine). You see the contradiction? :-)

[Adding something to X so no new programs are started when nearing OOM]

> This is assuming the X group wanted to do so. Personally if they did
> not I'd do it in Gtk or Xaw or something myself.

This is impossible to do in X, even if someone wanted to (I doubt someone
would add OS specific code to "fix" users who have no idea how to add
enough swapspace to their systems), as "X doesn't start
programs. Programs start programs" (pun indented).

What *could* be done is the infamous swapond that creates new swap areas
in the filesystem on demand.


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