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SubjectRe: nfsv3d wrong truncates over 4G
>>>>> Matti Aarnio <> writes:

> The NFSv3 SERVER (for which Andrea made his patch) actually
> MUST open local files with O_LARGEFILE flag set. (Otherwise
> e.g. EXT2 may reject the open.)

This should already be done IIRC. At least nfsd_open() always sets

> The NFSv3 CLIENT code must do post-open verification, that if
> the opened file has size exceeding 2G-1, and O_LARGEFILE flag
> is not set, the opened file must be closed, and caller must be
> informed of the rejection with -EFBIG status. (If possible,
> do that size verification before open.)

The exact same code from ext2_open_file() should work fine in

BTW: There seems to be a bug there: according to the LFS docs, on
we should be returning EOVERFLOW rather than EBIG.

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