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SubjectRe: ext2fs disaster - how to recover some files ?
Andreas Dilger wrote:
> You write:
> There is a tool to recover the whole partition table, gpart, if
> your partition table is corrupt. However, it sounds more like
> just the filesystem is corrupt.
Partition table seems well. I can mount other filesystems from that

> Since you have a filesystem > 500MB it will default to having 4kB blocks,
> and the backup superblocks will be aligned on 32768 block boundaries.
> Try "e2fsck -B 4096 -b 32768" (or 98304, 163840, 229376, 81920) to see
> if that works. I think I will submit a patch to Ted which offers more
> suggestions than 8193 for backup blocks, since not too many people know
> where the backups are located on more recent filesystems since they
> will normally have 4kB blocks these days.

Hmm.. It works but after cleaning my filesystem is really clean.
It contains only lost+found and proc

Opps ... i forgot :))) I was so many years restoring fs from backup
so I forgot for what lost+found is ...

THAAAANKS. I got my files back !!! And 250 photos from last holidays
and my fotos of my childrens are back too !!!

Great thanks, Andreas.
Where I should send a box of beer ?

Kindly regards,
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