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SubjectRe: FIXED! Updated 2.4 TODO List -- new addition WAS(test9 PCI resourcecollisions (fwd)
It may work, but the bridge secondary/subordinate numbers look wrong.

I am pondering if the bus numbering/bridging stuff shouldn't be given a
good looking-over. I have the wonderful _PCI System Architecture, 4th
Ed._ in my hands, and it describes PCI-PCI bridge init in great detail,
including several multi-bus, multi-bridge examples. (Martin, run don't
walk to amazon to get this book.) Anyway, this book seems to imply that
we are getting stuff really wrong somewhere.

First, some definitions:
downstream - away from the host processor
primary - number of the PCI bus closer to the host processor
secondary - number of the PCI bus on the downstream side of the PCI
subordinate - number of the highest-numbered bus on the downstream side
of the PCI bridge

> 00:03.0 CardBus bridge: Texas Instruments PCI1131 (rev 01)
> Bus: primary=00, secondary=02, subordinate=05, sec-latency=0

First bridge on bus 0.
primary == 0 - ok
secondary == 2, should be 1 (bus #1 is behind this bridge)
subordinate == 5, should be 2 (bus #2 follows us)

> 00:03.1 CardBus bridge: Texas Instruments PCI1131 (rev 01)
> Bus: primary=00, secondary=06, subordinate=09, sec-latency=0

Second bridge on bus 0.
primary == 0 - ok
secondary == 6, should be 2 (bus #2 behind this bridge)
subordinate == 9, should be 3 (bus #3 follows us)

> 00:11.0 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation 82380FB (rev 01) (prog-if 80)
> Bus: primary=00, secondary=01, subordinate=01, sec-latency=0

Third bridge on bus 0.
primary == 0 - ok
secondary == 1, should be 3 (bus #3 behind this bridge)
subordinate == 1, should be 3 (no bus follows, so

Now... this final bridge, the PCI (not CardBus) bridge, actually looks
ok... if you imagine that the third bridge is configured before the
CardBus bridges for some reason. Bus number 1 appears to be laid out

However, the two CardBus bridges have totally wrong values for the
secondary and subordinate bridge numbers, whatever the cause.


Martin, any idea why the bridges are numbered like this?

Second, will anything break if bus numbers change on x86? There exists
pcibios_assign_all_busses() on all platforms... but only Alpha defines
it to 1. All others define it to zero.

/* Override the logic in pci_scan_bus for skipping
already-configured bus numbers. */
#define pcibios_assign_all_busses() 1

And Jamal, can you privately e-mail me your 'dmesg' output (with
debugging enabled in pci-i386.h), from -before- applying patches.



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