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Subjectext2fs disaster - how to recover some files ?

Something happened, I don't know really what.
I was backing up 250MB directory from hdc2 (fat32),
mounted as /hdc2 to /hdb1 (fat32) using commands:
cd /hdc2
tar cvf /hdb1/copy.tar .
(I don't see anything wrong in that.)

After archive creation I have found destroyed hda3
(sorry, I don't remember messages - it was big shock for me).
I lost 14 days of my work. (Yes, my /home was next to backup ...)

Could somebody can tell me where I can read about recovering
(rather very) damaged e2fs partition ?

First, I've made a copy (dd if=/dev/hda3 of=/copy/hda_3 ...).
Next, I was tried e2fsck which tell me that there is bad magic...
and to use -b 8193, etc. I've tried next 6 values (n*8192)+1
seeking good superblock. Then I've made shorst script to
scan (sequentially) few thousands of values starting at 32765
to find valid superblock. (Exactly - its still running up to 2000000).

As I must recover few text files (and few rather nonimportant graphics)
I have done strings /copy/hda_3 > file and started manually (how to say)
fetching my files from this 800MB big one ...

Unfortunatelly I have no idea how to use debugfs in such situation.

Could someone help me ?

Kindly regards,
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