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SubjectRe: test10-pre4: deadlock in VM?
Tigran Aivazian wrote:
> Hi guys,
> When running SPEC SFS tests against 2.4.0-test10-pre4 on a 4-way SMP
> machine with 6G RAM (highmem+PAE enabled) I got
> __alloc_pages: 0-order allocation failed.
> (probably coming from nfsd, why don't we print eip of the caller there?)
> and the machine locked up (but pingable). So I entered kdb and got stack
> traces of all running proceeses:

Hmm. It appears that some of the processes are stuck on this
part of page_launder:

* Re-take the spinlock. Note that we cannot
* unlock the page yet since we're still
* accessing the page_struct here...

It will be interesting to see what's going on in each of the cpus.
Use "cpu x" x=0,1,2,3 on your 4 cpu system to switch to cpu x,
and just type "bt" on each cpu. Also, it will be good to see what
kswapd (pid 2) is upto ...

Rajagopal Ananthanarayanan ("ananth")
Member Technical Staff, SGI.
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