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Subject[potential bug] generic_file_readahead()

In generic_file_readahead():

unsigned long end_index = inode->i_size >> PAGE_CACHE_SHIFT;
unsigned long index = page->index;
max_ahead = 0;
raend = index;
if (raend < end_index)
max_ahead = filp->f_ramax;
and later
ahead = 0;
while (ahead < max_ahead) {
ahead ++;
if ((raend + ahead) >= end_index)
if (page_cache_read(filp, raend + ahead) < 0)

AFAICS it means that we have off-by-partial here - if the file size is not
a multiple of PAGE_CACHE_SIZE we are missing the last page. Proposed
make end_index = (inode->i_size + PAGE_CACHE_SIZE - 1)>>PAGE_CACHE_SHIFT;


PS: folks, could those who wrote that function comment on the readahead
rules in general? This stuff looks really ugly (presumably from the layers
and layers of small modifications) and comments on _intentions_ of that
code (as opposed to "what are we doing in the next two lines") would be
very welcome.

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