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Linus Torvalds wrote:
> Basically, the main loop would boil down to
> for (;;) {
> static struct event ev_list[MAXEV];
> get_event(ev_list, MAXEV, &tmout);
> .. timeout handling here ..
> }
> because get_even() would end up doing all the user-mode calls too (so
> "get_event()" is no longer a system call: it's a system call + a for-loop
> to call all the ID handler functions that were associated with the events
> that triggered).

Occurs to me that this stuff will be used from other languages
than C, which might prefer to do their own event dispatching,
and would want the system to treat event_fn as another opaque quantity.

So I don't object to a function that dispatches events, e.g.
int get_event(&tmout);
as long as there's also
int get_events(ev_list, MAXEV, &tmout)
that treats event_fn as an opaque pointer and *does not* dispatch the events.

These probably both want to be C library functions (rather than
get_events being only a system call) on the chance that some
operating systems will implement Linux emulation at the
shared library level rather than the syscall level.

- Dan
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