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On Tue, 24 Oct 2000, Evan Jeffrey wrote:
> > Multiple event queues are bad, because it completely breaks the notion of
> > even-driven programming. How do you want to listen to them all? You can't.
> > You can only listen to one event queue at a time - unless you create some
> You can listen to one event queue per thread.

Oh, I agree.

And I think something like CLONE_EVENTS would be fine - and decide
yourself what kind of threads you want (do you want indistinguishable
"anonymous" threads like apache, or do you want a threads that handle
separate event queues). Or you might have a mixture of the two - for web
serving the "accept()" event list might be a separate thing with a few
threads doing that, while "worker threads" handle the actual IO..

But if you want to have some event queue ID, I just wonder how you'd set
it up sanely without tons of complications..


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