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Subjectre: K6-2+ name (was Re: AMD CPU misdetection?)
On Mon, 23 Oct 2000 wrote:

> In the words of Barry K. Nathan :
> > > Why they didn't call it K6-4 is anyones guess.
> > I read somewhere (I don't have a URL handy, sorry) that the reason AMD
> > went with K6-2+ is that, apparently, the K6-2 name is well-known, and
> > they wanted to build on that...
> Sounds like a marketing thing.
> Not really an excuse imo. The "Oh, K6-4. I must upgrade" brigade would've
> justified the name for more than confusing people. At least K6-2+
> is mostly used in laptops from what I've seen, so the confusion is
> limited.
> Maybe there just wasn't enough architectural difference between the
> K6-3 & the K6-2+ to justify calling it the K6-4. AFAIR, the powersaving
> speed changing is the only thing thats changed.
> I'm buying a K6-2+ laptop tomorrow, so I guess I'll find out more then :)

ISTR the name is because it is derived more from the K6-II than the K6-3?
The -3 was better on performance, but they wanted a more economical chip
for laptop/embedded use, so they reverted to the K6-II core?


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