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SubjectUSB Printer, in 2.4.0-test9
Strange things here.

I'm testing out 2.4.0-test9 kernel with USB, (reiserfs built in, but,
hopefully this has nothing to do with it).

Hardware is a 440FX Dual PPro200/Natoma + 82371SB PIIX3/USB.
Printer: HP DeskJet 880C USB/Parallel
Mouse: Microsoft Intellimouse with Intellieye USB
Other stuff: Belkin "Macintosh" USB hub


USB Mouse appears to work totally fine.

USB Printer will print a few bytes, and suddenly print garbage
(bitmap/pcl). I tried printing out some plain text and it's MANGLING bits
- corrupting random bytes of data. The general structure of bytes are
still there, but the resultant printout is gibberish. (source print file
is a text file printed via "cat file >/dev/usblp0" (which is device

I get a bunch of form feeds too but it continues to print a few characters
fine and some that are totally wrong. It looks like it's corrupting about
5% of the characters, including some high bit 7 characters.

Any ideas what's going on, and is this repeatable by anyone else? Bad
hardware? This SMP box only supports one form of the MPS, and I'm not
sure how to tell the difference... I also tried using the printer w/o the
hub, and same results...



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