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Andre Hedrick wrote:
> Michael,
> Whatever card you are using, in you are getting that low I need to know
> more info. That drive should cook at 30MB/sec.


I've started to use the latest 2.4.0-test10pre3 kernel - my IBM disk
flyies at 33MB/s
on my BP6 - however the amount of deadlocks is unbeliavable - when all
disks are at UDMA33 everything goes fine (0 deadlocks per day)

However when I use hpt UDMA66 controler and the latest kernel its quite
easy to lock my machine - like doing several IDE operations in parallel
- e.g.
checksuming CDROM & copying some files from ext2 to vfat partition.
(I'll have to prepare some test case for this and do it in console so
maybe I could see some oops, but in my Xwindow session I couldn't see
as even Sysrq doesn't work)

But its hard to tell if its problem with ATA or this is some fault of
the VM system in 2.4
- is there anywhere backport of your IDE patch for 2.2.18pre17 ??
I think someone has anonnounced that he will maintain this backport
instead of you?

(I have no deadlock when I use 2.2.17/8 kernels even with RTL - 300power
and yes I get APIC errors - and also I've tried to run with noapic
with the same result)

Zdenek Kabelac {;}

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