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At 07:28 AM 10/23/00, Deepak Gupta wrote:
>Dear ALL,
>I have to develop a Printer Driver for Red Hat Linux 6.2. Can anyone help me
>in finding the specs or any other documentation to get some start on this.
>Any Help will be appreciated.

It depends. You probably mean the software which turns text or a bitmap
into control codes that can be sent to a printer down, say, a parallel
port. In this case, the driver is typically part of Ghostscript, and
nothing to do with the kernel.

If you mean you have a special device (for example, the Sparcstation's
laser printer device) which needs to be created support from the kernel is
needed to do the physical communication, but support from Ghostscript would
also, typically, be needed, to do the rasterisation.

Does that help?



Author, ARM Ltd

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