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SubjectRe: Idea for new kernel configurator
On Sun, Oct 22, 2000 at 12:17:24PM -0400, Jason Hihn wrote:
| dabbled in the kernel other than applying some patches. Recently at work
| I've had to develop an application which would allow a user to configure
| a device, even if that device was invented after the application was
| written. This is done extracting information (an XML file) out of the
| device which allows the software to create an interface for configuring
| the device... and that's where my idea comes from.
| (Quick, someone document this before it is patented!)

One question: how do you plan to "extract" information from the device
without a device driver?

| If the linux kernel was represented by XML objects in documents, then
| the same idea as above could be applied and extended. The user interface
| could be 2 windows, one 'in-the-kernel' pool and one 'not-in-the-kernel'

True, XML technology can be applied to a lot of scenarios. Kernel's not
one of them. The objectives while applying XML and that of designing a
super fast, scalable kernel are different.

Chirag Kantharia <chyrag-at-slashetc-dot-net>

My colleagues believe that I'm wasting my time, Mr. Anderson.
-- Agent Smith, The Matrix

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