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SubjectRe: VMWare and kswapd
On 23 Oct 00 at 16:07, Michael Rothwell wrote:
> I'm trying out the new VMWare for Linux, and noticed that if I let it
> run for a couple of days, I get this:
> Oct 16 15:07:49 cartman kernel: VM: do_try_to_free_pages failed for
> kswapd...
> ... after which things go to hell pretty fast. The previous VMWare would
> oops the kernel so badly that I would go from working away to seeign the
> BIOS screen suddenly. Unfortunately, the new problem doesn't produce any
> other data, even and oops. If I produce memory contention (running
> Netscape at the same time as VMWare, for instance), it happens sooner.
> This is on a 2.2.16+USB kernel.

You may want to upgrade to 2.2.17, or newer...

> I know the LKML isn't VMWare tech support. I'm just wondering if anyone
> else has been getting similar results but better data so that a bug
> report can be sent to VMWare.

It is better to ask in news://, in
vmware.for-linux.{experimental,misc}. But I recommend you to buy more
memory, or downgrade window manager. If you have only 128MB of RAM, and
you are running Gnome with XF4.0, and VMware with 80MB virtual NT,
you can stress system beyond limits...
Petr Vandrovec

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