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Subject[OT] Re: Possible C++ safe header project - Re: [Criticism] On the discussion about C++ modules
On Mon, Oct 23, 2000 at 08:47:53AM -0400, Linux Kernel Developer wrote:
> Please comment on the pluses and minuses of each planned task and on
> other things that you may see that should be done. Please no flames unless
> they contain useful information. Also I plan to implement the first patches
> for 2.2.x. I prefer to work on a stable codebase at least while the project
> gets off the ground. The other thing I'd like to know if the eventual
> patch, if there is any as this is dependant on interest, would be considered
> for inclusion into the standard source base.

* The C++ keywords in C headers are the first warning that you
should _not_ use them with C++.

* This will _not_ be accepted into standard codebase. Don't you
understand? Making headers C++ compatible is the first tiny
step for doing modules in C++. Yes, from driver/module
programmers perspective "they almost look same, and I think
C++ is cooler" they (C/C++) should be compatible, but from
kernel core's perspective they are whole different languages.

(_Please_ do not say at that point that "kernel core is not
my problem...")

IF you do not do a whole grue layer for C++ like you should
for Pascal, ADA, perl, etc... you are better off starting from
scratch a new C++ kernel...

Kernel is really tightly depends on C compiler. Look how
kernel always breaks when new gcc comes out. Not because
the kernel is buggy or gcc is buggy (both are but bugs get
fixed) but gcc does new optimizations which are legal by
C standard, and kernel excpects old optimizations "but it
always used to do that way". Now when you bring C++ into
mix, when C++ compilers are much more floating than C compilers,
then the result is _real mess_.

So when kernel core developers even hint that "yes, C++ is
allowed, so if you find bugs then come screaming to
linux-kernel" then they go crazy.

* Real suggestion (well, demand :)

1. Create a mailinglist/webpage for this project.

2. Stop posting C++ noise on linux-kernel. This
is OT, and distracts people.

3. Search l-k archives for people hypeing C++
and ask them if they care to join. Btw in l-k
are some people who claim to have some code already.

Also I promise if someone in l-k asks for C++
I direct them to you. (Nicely. (Really!))

4. Document your progress and the obstacles you
encounter and how you solve them. (So when later
anyone has bright ideas about C++ he/she can read
it and forget about it :)

(somehow I doubt you get further)

5. when linux++ is cooler/faster/etc... then ask for
inclusion to standard codebase, or even, replace it. :)

> Let the games begin.

Good luck to you.


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