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Subject[PATCH] IBMTR & IBMTR_CS Updates

After much testing and abuse the latest version of the ibm isa/pcmcia token
ring drivers are finally available for inclusion in the 2.2.x kernel and
pcmcia_cs packages.

Attached are two files, ibmtr-2.2.18p17.patch.gz which contains the patch
for ibmtr.[ch] for the kernel, this patch is against 2.2.18pre17, and
ibmtr_cs.c.gz which is the new ibmtr_cs.c in its entirety for the pcmcia_cs

Alan & David: Please apply the relevant files to your source trees.

Hot-swap actually works properly on pcmcia now.
pcmcia can now use high memory properly
All nics: Improved performance and shared ram support.

All credit for the updates go to Burt S. and Mike S.

Thanks very much
Mike Phillips
Linux Token Ring Project


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