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SubjectRe: bind() - Old/Current behaviour - Change?

On Sat, Oct 21, 2000 at 05:23:10PM +1000, Cefiar wrote:
> I'm happy with that - still produces the required effect and removes bloat
> from kernel space. Also means it should be easy to revert to default behavior.
> My original idea was basically a wrapper much like the way chroot works.
> Being able to lock things in some state that was more appropriate for the
> program in question. I know that when I set up named/bind on a 2.2 system I
> set up with a chroot environment, every time an interface changed state, we

You may wish to look at
I designed it a long time ago to support programs like bind which are not
trusted to run with high privilages but still need privileged ports.

> had to restart named so that it could re-bind to the addresses. Being able
> to lock the state of those addresses in some way would be brilliant, wether
> it's the default or not.

What do you mean under "lock the state"?

Best regards
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