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SubjectVMWare and kswapd
I'm trying out the new VMWare for Linux, and noticed that if I let it
run for a couple of days, I get this:

Oct 16 15:07:49 cartman kernel: VM: do_try_to_free_pages failed for

... after which things go to hell pretty fast. The previous VMWare would
oops the kernel so badly that I would go from working away to seeign the
BIOS screen suddenly. Unfortunately, the new problem doesn't produce any
other data, even and oops. If I produce memory contention (running
Netscape at the same time as VMWare, for instance), it happens sooner.

This is on a 2.2.16+USB kernel.

I know the LKML isn't VMWare tech support. I'm just wondering if anyone
else has been getting similar results but better data so that a bug
report can be sent to VMWare.

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