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SubjectRe: TCP_DEFER_ACCEPT possible bug + documentation patch for tcp.7

> The SYN/ACK handshake appears to go well, and telnet reports a connection
> (the daemon doesn't, no data has been sent). However, Linux keeps sending
> SYNs, which keep getting ACKed. I'm not sure if this is desired behavior. It
> appears to be a side effect of the TCP_DEFER_ACCEPT timeout implementation,
> which seems to hijack the SYNACK_RESEND timeout.

Until actively connecting client will send some data,
service will and must retransmit syn-ack. Otherwise you will lose connection.

DEFER_ACCEPT (like data_ready filter) applies only
to sessions, which expect some data from client as beginning
of transaction. F.e. HTTP.

> Also, this timeout is not quite the number of seconds specified to
> setsockopt, because of this.

It is rounded up to 3*2^N seconds.

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