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SubjectRe: about /proc/meminfo and mmap
On Sat, 21 Oct 2000, Cefiar wrote:

> At 08:24 PM 20/10/00 -0400, Zhixu Liu wrote:
> >My PC have 128M RAM, but in /proc/meminfo, it display 122424K, not
> >128*1024K = 131072K, what does this mean?
> Sounds like something is stealing your ram.
> Usual suspects are..

no, things are a lot simpler than that. /proc/meminfo shows the total
amount of usable memory which obviously can't include the amount reserved
by the kernel text and data. Interestingly, it is not quite the same
number as the one shown at boot "Memory: bla/bla...". The one at boot is
nr_free_pages() whilst the one shown in /proc/meminfo is totalram_pages --
they are different.


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