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SubjectBUG (vmscan.c:102) and possibly VIA IDE timing problems with test10-pre4

Attached is a tarball with the log of the event, a config used for the
kernel and dmesg output for overview of what the machine is. The BUG ocurred
while XFree 4 was running, the swap wasn't allocated at all, half of the
machine's memory was free. BUG ocurred two times, the second time it wasn't
logged entirely as seen from the attached excerpt. Also, the hda/hdb errors
seen in dmesg output started ocurring with test10-pre3 AFAIR - when the disk
parameters are reset using hdparm to turn DMA off and turn UDMA33 on (mode2
for the hda, mode4 for hdb) everything works just fine. If any more
information is required, please let me know.

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