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Subject2.4.0-testx fr0kedness?
Howdy!  2.4.0 is looking almost ready except 1 HY00GE problem I'm having.

I'm SMP here 2 Celeron 300A's at 450 in an Abit BP6. 256M of RAM, all

System will run for a week no problems.

Then I compile mozilla and all hell breaks loose.

Compile will go for a bit then it'll hang and need SAK'd. w and ps and
top will then hang. loadavg is over 4 and I can't paticuraly see whats
causing it. Meminfo looks fine but it's acting like it's outta RAM. I'm
like 37 megs into swap when it happened with over 100 megs of buffer

Pretty normal setup here except these:

echo "1024 2048 4096" > /proc/sys/vm/freepages
echo "5 10 60" > /proc/sys/vm/buffermem
echo "16384" >/proc/sys/fs/file-max
echo "0" >/proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_ecn

These bad? They worked well under 2.2 but who knows under 2.4

Please advise, will provide any info I can if needed.


Jason Slagle - CCNA - CCDA
Network Administrator - Toledo Internet Access - Toledo Ohio
- - - WHOIS JS10172
Version: 3.12 GE d-- s:+ a-- C++ UL+++ P--- L+++ E- W- N+ o-- K- w---
O M- V PS+ PE+++ Y+ PGP t+ 5 X+ R tv+ b+ DI+ D G e+ h! r++ y+

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