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SubjectRe: about /proc/meminfo and mmap
At 08:24 PM 20/10/00 -0400, Zhixu Liu wrote:
>My PC have 128M RAM, but in /proc/meminfo, it display 122424K, not
>128*1024K = 131072K, what does this mean?

Sounds like something is stealing your ram.

Usual suspects are..

Shadow RAM is enabled.
- This steals a TINY (usually 64k for BIOS, and 32k each for each extra
memory address enabled) of ram. Nothing major though.

Local memory accessing devices.
- Embedded video cards (and possibly embedded sound devices) on boards
using the Intel 815E chipset (and others) use local RAM for memory, instead
of their own special memory - to reduce cost. Apart from weird memory
sizes, this also can lead to latency and slow-down issues when accessing
the memory normally. Many of these machines have AGP slots, and almost
always have a PCI slot, so throwing in a cheap video (audio?) card can
remove such issues, and frees up that memory again. Maximum I've seen a
board allow for local video ram is 8 Meg, which is pretty much the amount
you are missing. The board in question was a Socket 7 board with embedded

-=[ Stuart Young (Aka Cefiar) ]=-------------------------------
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