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SubjectRe: PCI bookkeeping

>> The problem I'm seeing is that at least one driver
>> has signed up to handle the wrong IRQ because,
>> when it queried that PCI config value, it went
>> back and got it from PCI config space rather
>> than from the in-kernel data structures where the
>> (correct) recalculated value had been stored. So,
>> I'm wondering if our Official Approach is to always
>> query the in-kernel data structures which have
>> been setup so nicely for us, or are we supposed
>> to obtain (some or all of) that sort of info from
>> PCI space? Or is this all just a bleeding mess?
>Correct. The official way is to quiery kernel data structures
>rather than peek directly into PCI config space. Which driver
>(in 2.4) do you manipulating irq values from config space?

Sorry to mislead you - I only mentioned 2.4.X to note that I
observed the same IRQ-transform behavior there, not to say
that there was a broken 2.4.X driver. The 2.2.X driver in
question is serial.c with patches from MBV to support one of
their RAStel multi-modem cards, and it is apparently broken
in the manner I described. Thanks for the clarification.

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