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SubjectRe: trouble with eepro100+catalyst
At 11:06 PM 10/20/2000, wrote:
>We're having lots of trouble with eepro100 and Cisco Catalyst switch,
>and my net are a vlan. I am using RedHat 6.2/7.0 and not ping to gateway,
>but with o Slackware 7.0 ok. What's the magic?
>Systems Analyst

Ciscos and catalysts have all kinds of problems connecting to PCs. They
like to talk to each other mostly. Unfortunately, the widespread propaganda
that cisco is flawless hinders the true diagnosis in many cases.

get yourself a cheap 10/100 hub or switch and wire it between the units and
then go watch some sports instead of banging your head for nothing

Sometimes its better to sacrifice performance (ie catalysts) for something
that works.


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