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safemode wrote:

> That's what i was thinking, but 30MB/s seems to be quite an exaggeration.
> On my
> Intel Corporation 82371AB PIIX4 IDE (rev 01), ide chipset my master (10.2GB
> maxtor 7200rpm UDMA66) drive i get ~15-16MB/s and on my slave (same
> interface, 20.1GB maxtor 7200rpm UDMA66), i get ~13MB/s. This goes against
> logic as the bigger the drive the faster the transferrate should be, and
> it's about half of your estimate of Michael's 40GB. Is this due to the
> slow disk access of 2.4.0-test10-preX ? Or am i experiencing a bug here?
> Both drives are operating at UDMA33 mode

Isn't it this a reason ? You are not using UDMA66

> (according to hdparm) and both
> drives are set to using 32bit, dma, 16 sector read ahead and 16 sector
> multi-access mode. I've posted results i've gotten from bonnie and
> bonnie++ before, in all cases, the performance seems to be lacking for the
> kind of hardware i have.

I have 17-18 MB/sec on my Quantum Fireball 6.4GB (5400 rpm)
drive attached to UDMA33 and 14-15 MB/sec on another, also 5400 rpm
(guess Samsung) drive. Both in -c1 -d1 -m16 mode.

Ah, sorry, this is with ancient 2.2.5 kernel

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