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SubjectRe: TRACED] Re: "Tux" is the wrong logo for Linux
On Thu, 19 Oct 2000, Richard B. Johnson wrote:
>Cary, NC. can't be very large. There are, probably, three persons in

Why "can't" it? Just because it's in NC and not CA? Even CA has it's
sparse areas (ok, maybe that's "a sparse area" now-a-days.)

FYI, most of Cary is a townhouse/strip mall meca. It has always been my
opinion the Cary city planners have never seen much less played SimCity.

>the whole county than have computers. Two haven't been booted since

If that were really true, then the world is in trouble... one of Cisco's
largest offices is here. Nortel has a large footprint as well.

(You should know better anyway as RedHat's offices are near Cary.)

"We ain't all stewpid."


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