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SubjectRe: 2.4.0-test10-pre3:Oops in mm/filemap.c:filemap_write_pa

On Thu, 19 Oct 2000, Linus Torvalds wrote:

> You'd have to do something like
> LockPage(page); /* Nobody gets to write to this page (except through mmaps, ugh) */
> gather_all_mmap_users(page); /* THIS is the nasty one */

Wait a second. invalidate_inode_pages() has no idea of range, right? Finding
all VMAs of shared mappings for given inode is not a big deal. Sure,
repeating it for each bloody page would be painful at extreme, but
"make sure that every access to address within _that_ VMA will result in
pagefault" looks like a reasonable operation. Basically, we have
two sides - pagecache and many VMAs. And loop over VMAs with per-VMA
operations sounds more reasonable than loop over pages. We _can_ block
pageins without messing with pages themselves (it starts with finding VMA,
after all) and we can block new shared mappings (not a big deal).

Comments? Basically, I propose per-VMA rw-semaphore taken on page-in for
read and on that "flush and make sure we'll reread" operation for write +
rw-sem on i_mmap_shared. We could even make invalidation work for less
than whole file, all we need for that is skipping the VMAs out of the
range. Ingo, Linus?

> nfs_wb_page(page); /* force write-back on this page */
> ClearPageUptodate(page); /* mark it not up-to-date to force a read-in next time */
> UnlockPage(page); /* Ok, now the client can go wild */
> where everything but the "gather_all_mmap_users()" part is fairly
> straightforward. The "gather" phase is nasty - it would need to figure
> out every place the page is mapped, make sure those are synchronized (ie
> something like marking the page table entry write-protected and causing a
> TLB invalidate SMP cross-call - at which point the resulting page fault
> and the page lock will catch anybody who tries to write to the page)..

> In no case could you do something like what the current
> invalidate_inode_pages() does, which is to just try to drop the page from
> the cache - that really only works if we're the only user of that page,
> which the "page_count != 1" test now enforces.


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