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SubjectRE: [patch] Make linux logo centered, add margins, etc. for 2.2.1 7
Mohammad A. Haque provided enlightenment:

>>Why does fbcon_show_logo() have a loop that looks at smp_num_cpus?
> For every CPU you have you see one more Tux

(blush) I should have figured that out for myself.

You know, a different, or at least more comprehensive patch will be needed
for machines with more than 8 processors, depending on screen resolution,
since 8 Tux will overflow a 640 pixel wide screen. Of course, most of those
machines won't be using framebuffer consoles at VGA resolutions... still...

Yes, on SMP boxes the original design would be better. My patch is actually
intended for embedded systems where you want a big, user-friendly logo on
the screen instead of the console boot messages.

Thanks for the tip. I'll change the patch. Actually, now that I understand
that bit, I realize that a much better way to do it is to add x_start up
there, for (x=x_start; x < smp_num_cpus * ..., rather than separately for
each different version of the drawing loops.

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