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On Mon, 2 Oct 2000, Lucien Rocha wrote:

|[2.] The problem is described in 5., i only got this problem with this
|new kernel. Before i upgrade i was using kernel 2.2.14cl and ppp runs
|nice, but i got problems with sound VIA-chipset(like in docs), then, i
|decided to upgrade, with this kernel(2.2.17) my sound works fine, but ppp
|crashs, iŽve tried to compile the kernel 2.2.16 and got problems with ppp
|[4.] Linux krypton 2.2.17 #9 Sun Oct 1 11:24:29 BRST 2000 i586 unknown
| [5.] Sep 25 11:35:56 krypton kernel: Lucent Modem driver version

My guess is that this is the problem. You may get help here but I wouldn't
bet on it, these drivers are almost always distributed as binary modules.
A module built for one kernel isn't likely to work with another kernel.
Even if you have the source and compile it after installing a new kernel
source tree there is a high probability that it still won't work. Try
contacting the folks that produced the Lucent driver. Or better, get a
real modem.

Drivers for Winmodems and their relatives are usually not made by folks
that are willing to contribute the source to become a part of the kernel
source. In such cases you are unlikely to get help from anyone except,
rarely, from the creators of the drivers themselves.

Clifford Kite Not a guru. (tm)

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