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Subject[ReiserFS PATCH] fs/Makefile changes in pre8
Hiya all.

The fs/Makefile changes in pre8 mean that the newest reiserfs patch won't
cleanly apply any more (meaning that reiserfs doesn't get built). The
following patch appears to fix it here---can someone check that it's
correct, and if so can the reiserfs maintainers modify their patch

--- linux/fs/Makefile.orig Mon Oct 2 21:27:28 2000
+++ linux/fs/Makefile Mon Oct 2 21:28:41 2000
@@ -60,6 +60,7 @@
subdir-$(CONFIG_ADFS_FS) += adfs
subdir-$(CONFIG_DEVPTS_FS) += devpts
subdir-$(CONFIG_SUN_OPENPROMFS) += openpromfs
+subdir-$(CONFIG_REISERFS_FS) += reiserfs

obj-$(CONFIG_BINFMT_AOUT) += binfmt_aout.o


Adam Sampson

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