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** Reply to message from Alan Cox <> on Sat, 30 Sep
2000 00:24:43 +0100 (BST)

> > Unfortunately, this mapping is a requirement for our product. I'd hate to have
> > to create my own pte's and do it all manually.
> If you are doing it at boot time as Id expect then you may need to - the SMP
> code for bootstrapping has to do pte stuff itself for the same reason

No, I'm not doing it at boot time, I'm doing it when my driver loads. Granted,
the driver will usually by loaded once when the system boots, but it can be
loaded at any time. I'm trying to make my driver as independent of the kernel
as possible, and I'm 99% there.

Anyway, my original question has not yet been answered: why is it that I can
ioremap() any physical page by simply setting one bit, but I cannot always
iounmap() it? Why can't iounmap() simply undo what ioremap() did?

Timur Tabi -
Interactive Silicon -

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