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SubjectRe: Microsoft Withdraws Linux NTFS Threats
On Sun, 1 Oct 2000, Jeff V. Merkey wrote:

> Andre,
> This is very much a compliment of you coming from them -- they apparently
> took you very seriously and viewed your proposal as a serious matter. It was
> a great roller coaster ride -- let's do it again some time.


I went to to read the story.

There was a historical referrence, in the beginning, that implies that I
was accussing Microsoft of using Linux code. The reality was that I
offered to help them with the solution I was working on because of the
huge mess that the great taskfile debate brought out.

People were pointing out that because I was exposing how to abuse it in
the kernel and that a policy of preventing harmfal combinations was not
acceptable. Since this information could/would/did spill over to the
script kiddies, I thought it was the better part of valor (sp) to inform
an aquaintance at Microsoft of the potential problem that they could see.

Only because I respect that person (at MS) did I even consider discussing
the issue.

If they want to take a jesture of kindness and twist it to imply I am
blackmailing them, Bill's view of the world is very sinical (sp).


Andre Hedrick
The Linux ATA/IDE guy

PS. I am not an english major be a former astronomer, so do not send me a
grade on my grammer and spelling.

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