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SubjectRe: We interrupt you regularly scheduled catfight for.. Linux 2.2.18pre13

> > Where does the idea that the kernel 'needs' a special compiler
> > come from ? I have been under the impression that that is just
> Mostly from the sad fact that it does.
> > what we were trying to get away from . I am reminded of other
> > os's that required their propritary compiler in order to create
> > a os image . Please let us not travel that road . Tia , JimL
> Patches are welcome. But keep in mind that we _are_ dependent on a
> particular compiler. gcc, that is. I would be glad to get rid of it - the
> codebase is extremely messy. However, removing gcc-isms is a huge
> work. You are welcome to do it, indeed, but so far nobody had done that.

Actually there's another compiler (codepro or how is it called), made
by SGI(?) for merced, available under gpl, and hving all gcc
extensions, including __asm__().
The best software in life is free (not shareware)! Pavel
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